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Map of Palau


Dive Paradise

I met many wonderful people in Palau without whose help this travelog would not have been possible. My sincere appreciation goes to Ray Sanford and his wife, Sabah, who generously offered the diving services at Splash along with their warm friendship and hospitality that knows no bound. With that, nothing is more heartwarming than to see familiar faces, Jackson, who's my favorite dive guide. I especially want to thank my hubby for inspiring me to pursue what I am passionate about - writing and photography.

I also like to express my appreciation to Albert Holms for giving me a greater insight into the Palauan Reefs and for sharing his vast knowledge of the Palauan people's love of their surrounding ocean. Thanks also to Kishigawa san from Photo video who did such a great underwater video during our return visit to Palau.

Finally, my heartfelt thanks to all our Japanese diving friends who made our almost annual trip to Palau a whole new world of wonderful experience each time. This travelog is also dedicated to our most cherished Japanese family: Takao, Mitsue & Ryuji Fushimi san and Josie & Akeboshi san. Through our years of friendship, not only have they showed me the wonders of the underwater world, but also taught me about the "real underwater living" that most of us have forgotten. "Ke kmal mesaul" -- thank you so much in Paluan language!