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august blah


an extremely powerful word. Who does not have stress? Let me know, I would gladly be a faithful and loyal follower.

So, what is so stressful?

Traveling is stressful to start with. Couples argued over which country to visit, where to stay and even what activities should there be, not forgetting to take care of the "heart" of the woman and the "interest" of the man. Families travel solely to places that are kiddo-friendly with lots of theme parks, lots of shopping malls for the mothers with cash-loaded daddies. Just the packing of suit cases is already a stressful nightmare; the booking of the tours; the eliminating process; the negotiating; the payment and the massive pre-trip shopping if the family decides to have a wintry holiday. At the end of the trip, the father question if it is truly relaxing at all and the mothers have more unpacking to worry about. Only the kids enjoy the holidays apparently.

Then comes work. Work to all is the most stressful item on the list. Nobody would disagree with me on that. All fresh graduates face the pressure of ending up in the big fours or big six of every industry specified. There is the job hunting stress, interview stress, on-the-job training stress. Worker bees are stressed with structuring changes; organization down-sizing during economic down time; management politics; the urge to quit but bogged with financial commitment; and just having to drag oneself out first thing on a Monday morning ... are all stressful events in one's working life.

To top it all, life itself is stressful. All in all, nothing is by definition stress-free. By looking at the amount of beauty spas in town that reads " de-tox", "de-stress", "re-vitalize", "therapeutic", one can gauge the amount of stress every human race across every city in every country have been stressed out.

I have been stressed and still is. I used to love stress in my younger days. I even went to the extreme of having no-sleep, high endurance physical stress like "marathon", "triathalon", "iron-man" races that I loved with a passion. Then, strenuous exercises produces "stress" on the body, that in turn translates to "psychological stress", and escalated to "emotional stress". Most times, stress comes unannounced. You either love it or you hate it. If you love it, that's good news and if you hate it, then "good luck".

Life is stress itself, isn't it? Can you imagine life without stress? Then there will be no challenges, and you will be pondering why you are even living on this planet, what purpose do you serve in the society. Isn't that of equal stress as someone who truly undergo other form of stress that is available to human kind?

I wish to say that I am stress-free and I can do that daily. I'm stress when I see my partner in a negative mood after work. I'm stress when I am rushing from one meeting to another, or rushing from work to home just to cook. I'm stress when I have to go back home to meet the parents. These are all simple daily life events and I am already stressed out with life at large! Wonder what kind of human I am, but in the simpliest form, it is normal, it is the art of stress management that I have not mastered it well.

So, with that, I finally decided I should just live day by day and not be overly stressed out with every thing I want to do in life, to accomplish, to meet expectations, to out-perform and be the perfect person. I love the idea that I try relentlessly, but I guess I tried too hard to please every aspect of my life, fixing everyone's problems and my worries along the way and beyond.

Anyhow, that's what life should be, lots of room for improvement and even more space for errors to be made.

Who say life is easy anyway?