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july blah
Purple Iris


I have been running around a lot recently. No, I'm talking about serious traveling, those trips that you always take the time to plan but never materialized. Now, there's a chance and I grabbed that chance. My friends asked me why. I can't blame them, because places that I like to go, are not favorable to a single female traveler, particularly harsh terrain and torturous climate. Still, I plod on, afraid that one fine day, I will live to regret or worse, lament that there was never enough time nor opportunity.

A coworker of mine asked what was my favorite trip and why. I took more than a day and a half to answer that simple question. You would ponder just a split second and give a straight answer right away. The truth is, I was trying to reflect on those trips that I have done as a child and through to adulthood. I even categorized them into genre, reflecting on those Kodak slogan "capture the moment" sensations to joggle my memory in order to answer that question. So, what went wrong?

I came to my realization that I love all my trips. Like I remember what my formal boss said, he likes every country he has visited. I agree totally, it's just so difficult to single out one trip. I love the US where I spent half of my time there, the coastal sunshine states of the west to the history-rich east coast. I love the crystal clean Nordic and the romantic European countries where most of my closest friends work and live now. I love IndoChina for their simplicity and South East Asia for their nostalgic past. I love the Himalayan countries where I trekked and the Pacific South for our wonderful diving trips. Most of all, I love China for a different reason. But if I must choose, my favorite journey is to China and trip is called life journey where I benefited the most and lose all that I have gained as well.

No, you didn't hear it wrong. It's not our luxury trip to French Polynesia nor our diving trips in Micronesia. I said China, where I walked my life journey from the scratch again. One can only imagine, asked all my friends that have tasted life in China in the late 80s and early 90s, who will disagree with me? That's the journey that I cried the hardest, laughed the loudest, worked like a maniac and lived like a backpacker. Still, I marveled at how I have walked the most favorable part of my life journey, in China, with my partner in life.

I have traveled alone in most of my trips. I have trekked for a month into IndoChina and climbed the Himalayan mountains; I love it and promise to be back for more. These are my favorite trips, like an addiction that I must have every now and then. Yet, I wish I never have to do so. Even the most exhilarating scenery there is, I cannot share it instantly with my love one. No amount of photos that I take, nor words that I log in my journal, is able to express my feelings. This is where life stopped but the journey continues.

Now, as I reflect on those traveled journeys, I know I still have the travel bugs in me. I'm reluctant to journeyed on. In my travels, I have come to realize that the best journey and favorite trip is still the daily walks that encompasses the meaning of life. And mine started when I decided to walk my walks with my partner, in China.