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Victoria Harbor HK


I gave up writing for a long time. What's wrong? Couple of things. Don't even know how or when to begin. They say writing is therapeutic. They also say that traveling is too. Writing takes you to a haven of emotional release and psychological relief. Traveling makes your own problems seems smaller and makes one feel happier compared to the less fortunate.

Writing is an easier path to take compared to traveling. It's border less and timeless. Any time of the day and at any part of the world, anyone can write. Whilst it is also inexpensive compared to traveling. I love to write and I also love to travel. Whilst writing gives me the satisfaction of revealing my emotions that sometimes it is truly hard to get it across to people. Even to my loves ones, it is double the pain to let them know how I feel. The older I get, the worst it becomes for me to let go of my feelings. Emotions really. For instance it is far easier for anyone, myself included to share happy thoughts compared to negative feelings. Each time when I feel that I need to address my deepest emotion, I write. However, my love ones wouldn't feel the same way. It often saddens the person who receives the letter.

Traveling is almost happy always. Even those who feel that they need a break from the chaos of the city, or away from those unhappiness, will eventually feel a lot more relaxed and quaint after their travel. It is of course the more expensive of the two options. Travel comes with surprises that writing does not entails. I love to visit the unknown, the unbeaten paths at some obscure part of the earth. My love one is entirely the opposite. He does enjoy adventure travel, but having been slaughtered at work, he aims primarily to relax and a pay-for-everything holidays that he does not need to sweat or lift a finger.

Hence, our paths are different, so are our thoughts when it comes to writing and traveling. Thus this year, same thing goes. My suggestion is going to go down the drain and the list will just pile up. Whilst finally visiting places that either we have visited couple of times, or places that is commercially-driven, easily accessible and hassle-free.

So, what's my point? No point exactly. At the end of the day, if travel plan does not work out the way it should be and the whole idea has been put off, all the energy will be channeled into documenting the dissatisfaction conveyed into specific font type writing called journal...that is the only path.