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april blah
Bedroom in HK Apt



For whatever reason, although the flu is gone, I've felt like a lead soldier locked in a steel box hidden away in a high gravity basement. Tired, but not the kind that let you sleep until it's time to sleep, the mind scattered, thinking: well, this is yucky.

Still, tomorrow I hit the ski slopes. I can tell it's going to be hilarious because I recognize the fact that I've not skiied for ages. I would probably need a cruise control button on my back for any skiers around me to take control of me. This is what I wanted, unfortunately, doesn't make much sense, does it?

At night I begged for an extra hot malted tea from the vending machine outside the traditional Korean homestay. Went back up to pack (right, last minute packing), charge some batteries for the cameras, pack the chargers, pack the second box of stuff that came from Land's End, pack some travel guide books for reference. Get in the car tomorrow morning with my long time Korean pal. I can feel the breeze - not just ordinary breeze, those that send chills down my spine while all bundled up.

I liked to photograph whatever I see. Of course, I was shaking my head and thinking how they might have turned out horribly at the end of the trip. I forget I'm used to every frame being improperly exposed and out of focus. The one picture I printed from the two rolls of black and white was reproduced back home. I liked the expression. My Korean friend and her husband, a nice studied frown for the photographer. It could end up in the portfolio if I could ever figure out how to properly print it. Or if I ever actually put together a portfolio. Mumble. I'm good at mumble. Mumbly, my new name.