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just write
.... as I value your opinions highly.


" I would like to travel for the rest of life if I could borrow another life to stay at home."

I am fortunate to have been able to travel to many destinations that most would only dream. I believe the greatest asset that one place can give to fond memories of mine is its friendly people, its flavorful history and its unique architecture. It is these that makes the actual travel hassle so worth-while.

This personal travelog, journals and photo gallery is a reflection as seen from my eyes, working and residing abroad. I enjoy logging my daily journals and travelogs, just like I dutifully log my dives.

JUST EXPERIENCE takes you through my innermost fears and fancies while on the road.

JUST SIGHTS are images that I have taken with my Pentax SLR K-1000 manual camera.

JUST BLAH is my journal of happenings and interesting places I had tramped by all modes of vehicles you could ever possibly imagine.

JUST WRITE as I value your opinions highly.

REFLECTIONS will be the best place to start. Enjoy.